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Interviewing Marc Gruner, DO, MBA, RMSK


Quick Questions Marc Gruner

Dr. Gruner started with ExEd as a medical student when he was a model at the courses. He fell in love with ultrasound and how it was being taught at our conventions. After a while, he began presenting and teaching for ExEd and today he is a valued faculty member.

Q: What is your favorite part about your workday?

MG: I love trying to help solve an injury and assist patients in their understanding of what’s causing the pain. And I love witnessing how their lives change after the course of treatment.

Q: What’s next on your bucket list of places to visit?

MG: I just returned from a honeymoon/babymoon in Greece and Italy. Peru and Argentina  are up next. 

Q: What’s your favorite sports team/ and or city? 

MG: I’m a die-hard DC sports fan so I have to go with the Washington Commanders. 

Q: What is something unique about you that our audience would be surprised to know? 

MG: I developed a digital home exercise app called Limberhealth and it has gained some real traction. 

Q: What is your ideal day away from the office? 

MG: I love spending time with my baby girl in the morning and then hiking on the Billygoat trail during the afternoon.

Q: Favorite thing about ExEd? 

MG: I love that ExEd is a family-oriented, close knit group of people and focused on one joint at a time when teaching MSK US. Attendees become efficient at using ultrasound after very quickly because of the way the courses are designed and because of the dedicated hands-on lab workshop time. It’s hard to get that kind of education anywhere else.