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Interviewing Reed C. Williams, MD, MBS, RMSK


Q: How did you first get involved with ExEd and how long has it been?

RCW: It’s been 11 years. I first started as a model and moved to lecturer and ultimately course director for our Breckenridge course this past January.

Q: What inspired your career choice?

RCW: I had an injury in high school during football and learned how being sidelined with an injury affects someone, no matter the size of the injury

Q: How has ultrasound changed your workflow?

RCW: Ubiquitously. It serves as an extension of physical exam and an extension of eyes. Adjuvants safe and effective treatment.  

Q: What’s a secret talent you have?

RCW: I was a child actor on various tv shows, commercials and on the radio. I was on Jim Hensen and the Muppets, BBC plays in England and commercials for Mott’s applesauce and Nintendo. 

Q: Would you rather have a beach house or a mountain house? 

RCW: I’ll take the mountain house because I enjoy skiing and hiking.

Q: What’s your favorite sports team/ and or city? 

RCW: Philadelphia Eagles (go birds) Florida gators

Q: Favorite way to enjoy the day with your family?

RCW: Watching kids do something for the first time. Two boys, 3 and 5 years old. I also enjoy spending time with the family outdoors, going on a hike